The event will be run within the guidelines of Appendix K for FIA Historic racing and Rallies.
Mainly for Oldspeed vehicles, but the event is also open to standard 25hp and 30hp motors.

The event is open to:
VW type 11 pre '57 (splits & Ovals)
VW type 2 pre '55 (Barndoor busses)
Porsche PreA
Porsche 356A (pre '59)
All special bodied VW powered coachbuilds (Denzel, Heb's, etc)
Others may be included at the discretion of the organisers
Vehicles MUST be period correct using only parts that were available in the day, i.e. pre '59

This year there will be only one class, winner takes all!!
The Petermax Müller Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the event.
The trophy will be kept for a period of 2 years until the next event and then must be handed back, to be raced for again. All previous winners names will appear on the trophy.
The defending champion from the last event will wear race number 51.

The Requirements
All vehicles need to be road legal in their country of registration, carry a registration plate and hold a valid certificate of roadworthiness and insurance. (trade number plates and temporary Historic number plates are allowed)

NO pans on the floor, vehicles must have a minimum of 100mm ground clearance, unless they originally ran lower than this.
NO narrowed beams.
Dropped spindles allowed.
Rear seats may be removed, BUT all vehicles must have driver & navigator seats.
In the interest of safety, intercoms between driver & navigator are allowed.
No Satnav or GPS.
Roll bars, 4 point and 6 point roll cages allowed.
There is NO minimum weight speculations.
Bumpers may be removed.
Exhaust's must be period correct.

Advertising on vehicles
Advertising on vehicles is allowed, but should be period correct (in the style of the period), original race numbers or advertising on vehicles from previous Historic events should remain on the vehicle as this is part of the vehicles history.

Battery, circuit breaker
Batteries are free, 12 volt or 6 volt, but must be securely fixed.
Circuit breakers are optional.

Fuel system
Original fuel tanks are preferred, but other fuel tanks are allowed, filler necks and fillers are free.
Only pump fuel is allowed, NO avgas or n.o.s.
Mechanical and electric fuel pumps allowed.
No fuel injection.
Superchargers allowed i.e. Pepco, Judson. (must be period correct)
Solex 40 P-11's allowed in all classes, if you can run them you may use them.

2 piece case (25hp & 30hp) Porsche 356 3 piece case's are also allowed this year.
All cylinder heads and manifolds are allowed, if you can make them fit, you may run them.
Full flow or bypass oil filtration allowed.
Valve train and rocker covers are free.
Distributors are free, but should be period correct.
Twin spark allowed.
Electronic breaker points allowed.

Period correct 2 piece gearbox. (pre '60) are preferred although alternatively Porsche PreA and A gearboxes and typ1 up to 31/12/1961 will also be allowed.
Limited Slip Diff's or Torque Biasing Diff's allowed.
Different gear ratios to original allowed.

Standard, early Porsche cooling rings, PreA, A, B and 60mm drum brakes all allowed.
NO disc brakes.

Only period correct rims allowed i.e. original, modified original, 356, Opel, Barndoor on Typ 11, etc.
NO sprintstars, Fuchs, BRM's Radars, etc.
The Race organisers has decided to let ORIGINAL  Sprintstars be allowed to be used.

All compounds allowed, 204, E rating etc, if they fit the rims you may use them.